Discover all the things Al Noor Island has to offer from adventuring through the Butterfly house containing some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures on Earth or witness Al Noor Islands enchanting display of lights, art sculptures, structural designs in an array of colours that will leave you in awe.

That magical place is not as far away as you might imagine. Across the bridge from Sharjah, there’s a land that promises to charm all your senses, one that enchants the heart and soul.

That place is Al Noor Island. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Al Noor Island boasts treasures of crystal stone and amethyst found in Brazil. The Rock Crystal is about 300 million years old. That’s one old rock. The amethyst is solidified lava blister from the world’s largest amethyst mine in Brazil.

Did you know Al Noor Island has a Butterfly House? Not only does this house contain some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures on Earth, but the designers used the pattern of the flower of life for its exterior. The flower of life is a form of sacred geometry formed of interconnected circles that represent not only flowers but all of creation. The design allows enough light in, so the butterflies can flutter by in the sun, even when they’re indoors. How amazing is that?

Maybe you’re a fan of a fairy-like adventures? Al Noor Island features an enchanting display of lights. Art sculptures, structural designs and even the landscape sparkle and glow in an array of colours that will leave you in awe. What’s more? The island has 30 km electricity cables. If you were to stretch them out, they would reach to the Mall of the Emirates. Now that’s a lot of power for one tiny little magical island!

If you’re a bookworm or if you’re a poet, (even if you don’t know it), there’s an entire pavilion given over to literature on Al Noor. The Literature Pavilion provides you with a relaxing ambience where you can enjoy the sounds of the water fountain and soothing background music when reading your favourite book. The Literature Pavilion has been dedicated to H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi.

Have you ever heard of a Dragon’s Blood Tree? Its official name is Dracaena Draco, and some research has shown the sap helps heal skin and speed up recovery from wounds. You’ll find one of those trees on Al Noor Island. But don’t steal the sap! It was once believed to be as valuable as gold.

Now that you know about the Dragon’s Blood Tree, have you heard of the Stone Tree? It weighs as much as a grown-up elephant. Phew. That’s heavy for a tree.

Just as incredible as the Stone Tree and the Dragon’s Blood Tree is the Silk Floss Tree. There are three of them on Al Noor Island. In Asia, people have used the silk floss tree to make paper, canoes and cotton-like fibres. How magical is that?

Do you know what a Torus sculpture is? A three-edge shape, many consider it to represent eternity. Polishers have rubbed and buffed the surface of Al Noor’s Torus sculpture for six weeks to make it shiny enough to reflect everything around it. Talk about a photo-op. You can even take a selfie of yourself taking a selfie in the Torus sculpture.

Looking for a more dazzling sensory experience? The egg-shaped OVO Art Installation will satisfy all your senses. Standing at seven-metres tall, this symphony of light, water and music will take you on a magical journey. Enjoy an enchanting show of light and animation.

From the mandalas of India to the myth of the minator in Greek mythology to designs of Islamic art and architecture, labyrinths and mazes have represented spiritual passageways across cultures. At Al Noor’s garden maze, you’ll get lost in a pattern of leaves, flowers and trees. The purpose is to find the centre, the truth, the self, or simply delight in the fresh air and play of nature’s design. What pleasure for the mind, body and soul!

For more information, visit the official Sharjah Tourism website.

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