Places to see Art Adventure

19 Sep

A Photographers Paradise

I can still remember how excited I was to go out to shoot cityscapes when I arrived here in the United Arab Emirates back in 2007. However, I never imagined that alongside its beautiful architecture, the country was also an outdoor, nature, and landscape photography paradise and Sharjah embodies this in such a beautiful way – making it a truly instagrammable location.

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Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

29 Apr

Sharjah Biennial – The legacy

Art enthusiast Georgie Clark (@georgie_clark) chronicles the history of this unique art festival, from its humble beginnings to the internationally acclaimed – and vital global art platform – it is today.

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Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

28 Apr

Sharjah Biennial 14 - “Leaving the Echo Chamber”

Celebrated photographer Ali Amar (@r1se) explores Sharjah Biennial’s three distinct art exhibitions. Its connecting theme is titled: Leaving the Echo Chamber, loosely questioning how art is produced in an age of globalised media.

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Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

27 Apr

Lost in an art village - Sharjah Biennial 14

There’s more to Sharjah Biennial than art exhibitions. From free photography courses to indie film screenings, check out travel expert Nagham Al Badawi’s (@nanotraveldiary) surprising encounters as she experiences this unique art show for the first time.

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Art Museums Things to do in Sharjah Eco-friendly

10 Jun

Visit Sharjah’s rain room - You won’t need an umbrella

Designed by the Sharjah Art Foundation and installed at Al Majarah, near Buhaira Corniche, the endless downpour uses 1,200 litres of self-cleaning recycled water.

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Places to see Tourist Art

26 Apr

Sharjah Art Foundation + Neighbourhood

Download the Sharjah Art Foundations Visitor Guide and read up on the arts scene in Sharjah.

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