Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Adventure

29 Dec

Getting lost in a photographer’s paradise

Sit down with professional photographer and instructor Charles Liban Jr (@charleslibanjr) as he imparts his wisdom on the most iconic shots Sharjah has to offer and how to shoot them!

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Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Adventure

20 Oct

Discovering the Undiscovered

Join accomplished photographer Altamash Javed (@aljvd), a frequent Mleiha visitor on his journey of rediscovery through the full-throttle Mleiha Adventure Package. Combining history, sunset lounge and star-gazing with white-knuckle dune-buggy thrills he documents his truly immersive experience.

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Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Adventure

17 Oct

A Night Under the Stars

Escaping the bright city lights photographer Ali Amar (@r1se) is here to take you on an magical night of camping under the star-filled skies of Mleiha. Get a taste (quite literaly) of his enthralling evening of food, firewood and star-gazing. Did we mention the sunrises are pretty incredible too?

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Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Adventure Heritage

16 Oct

Stepping Back in Time

Art and Architecture expert Burhanuddin Taiyeb Dalal (@burhanuddintd) takes a trip to the desert to quench his thirst for knowledge. Join him as he showcases the wonders of the past and reveals the secrets of these ancient lands, journeying through 70 million years of history at the Mleiha Archaelogical Centre.

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Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Adventure

15 Oct

A New Way to Staycation

Travel blogger Mustafa Sheikh (@mustafa_sheikh) jouneys into the heart of the Sharjah desert to seek out the elusive eco-retreat, Al Faya Lodge. If your checklist for a getaway includes a serene instagrammable pool, spectacular spa, fresh local food, and luxurious rooms with stunning views then this is the place for you. Oh, and did we mention the jaw-dropping architecture and design? Look no further, Mustafa has your staycation inspiration covered.

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Emirate of Sharjah Mleiha Art Adventure Sharjah City

22 Sep

Take to the skies

For award winning outdoor photographer Mohammed Almusabi (@mks_1) the sky is the limit when it comes to how he captures the diversity of Sharjah’s landscapes. Discussing his recommendations from cameras to drones he reveals what it takes to capture his stunning and unique images of Sharjah’s rugged deserts and impressive skylines.

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Mleiha Tourist Museums Family Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

10 Jun

Exploring Sharjah

Central SoukVisiting the UAE for a second time after first visiting Dubai, read how Indian blogger Gunjan Upreti went in search of a new experience and explored Sharjah, uncovering the many activities and sites the emirate had to offer.

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Mleiha Hotels Adventure Sightseeing Things to do in Sharjah

30 Apr

24 hours in Sharjah

Watch adventure blogger Ghida Arnaout explore the emirate of Sharjah

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Mleiha Things to do in Sharjah

21 Mar

Away from the cities lies a world of natural wonder

As you drive east out of the city of Sharjah, the dense cover of low-rise industrial warehouses falls away to be replaced by vast swathes of red sand.

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