Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

Sharjah Biennial – The legacy

Art enthusiast Georgie Clark (@georgie_clark) chronicles the history of this unique art festival, from its humble beginnings to the internationally acclaimed – and vital global art platform – it is today.

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Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

Sharjah Biennial 14 - “Leaving the Echo Chamber”

Celebrated photographer Ali Amar (@r1se) explores Sharjah Biennial’s three distinct art exhibitions. Its connecting theme is titled: Leaving the Echo Chamber, loosely questioning how art is produced in an age of globalised media.

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Art Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

Lost in an art village - Sharjah Biennial 14

There’s more to Sharjah Biennial than art exhibitions. From free photography courses to indie film screenings, check out travel expert Nagham Al Badawi’s (@nanotraveldiary) surprising encounters as she experiences this unique art show for the first time.

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Museums Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah Heritage Fun

Discover the Islamic roots of science and technology

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization not only houses more than 5000 artifacts, it also regularly hosts exhibitions and internationally renowned displays of Islamic art. The first of its kind in the UAE, the museum boasts seven sections, one of which is the Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology.

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Places to see Tourist Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah Fun

Time for the 2018 Sharjah Summer Festival

From 11 July until 31 August 2018, the Sharjah Summer Festival will make sure your family’s days are packed with unforgettable moments. Don’t miss out on countless activities, discounts, competitions and more.

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Places to see Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah Heart of Sharjah

Discover Al Noor Island

Discover all the things Al Noor Island has to offer from adventuring through the Butterfly house containing some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures on Earth or witness Al Noor Islands enchanting display of lights, art sculptures, structural designs in an array of colours that will leave you in awe.

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Visiting Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah East Coast

Enjoy an Eid staycation in Sharjah

Sometimes the best place to be is just where you are – discover the delights of a Staycation in Sharjah. Here are 5 spots to enjoy in and around the family friendly emirate of Sharjah.

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Visiting East Coast Eco-friendly

A must visit - Kalba Kingfisher Lodge

Sharjah’s luxurious eco-conscious Kalba Kingfisher Lodge is an eco-friendly tented camp situated within a protected nature reserve home to some of the oldest mangroves in Sharjah.

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Art Museums Things to do in Sharjah Eco-friendly

Visit Sharjah’s rain room - You won’t need an umbrella

Designed by the Sharjah Art Foundation and installed at Al Majarah, near Buhaira Corniche, the endless downpour uses 1,200 litres of self-cleaning recycled water.

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Mleiha Tourist Museums Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah Heritage

Exploring Sharjah

Visiting the UAE for a second time after first visiting Dubai, read how Indian blogger Gunjan Upreti went in search of a new experience and explored Sharjah, uncovering the many activities and sites the emirate had to offer.

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Places to see Tourist Souqs Family Friendly Things to do in Sharjah

The best of Sharjah’s souks and where to find them

With so many options, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which souq will suit your needs best. To help you navigate, we’ve listed the quintessential goods available and the souqs at which you are likely to find them.

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Mleiha Hotels Adventure Sightseeing Things to do in Sharjah

24 hours in Sharjah

Watch adventure blogger Ghida Arnaout explore the emirate of Sharjah

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Places to see Tourist Art

Sharjah Art Foundation + Neighbourhood

Download the Sharjah Art Foundations Visitor Guide and read up on the arts scene in Sharjah.

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Mleiha Things to do in Sharjah

Away from the cities lies a world of natural wonder

As you drive east out of the city of Sharjah, the dense cover of low-rise industrial warehouses falls away to be replaced by vast swathes of red sand.

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8 of the most instagrammable places in Sharjah

Hidden photographic gems to find in the Emirate.

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